Father’s Day

Father’s Day was awesome! Reagan got me some new clothes and Ash got me the grill I’ve wanted. It was perfect. They even made me breakfast. Boo ya. On Saturday we went to the car show and then to the park in Kaysville. Reagan had a blast jumping through the splash pad!






Biz trip to Interbike

This past week I went to Vegas for a business trip to the Interbike convention at Sands convention center. It was a very successful trip! We made some amazing contacts, renewed current ones and had a great time! Interbike is the second larges bike show in the world. There were people from a over the place. It was amazing to meet some many great peeps from all over the world. We had some great rides too while we were down there.














Man card

I’m a new man! I finally played the ultimate man card and bought a truck. It’s a gem! My Honda cr-v is no more. So thankful for the nice guy who took it off my hands. I’m a proud new owner of a 1997 Toyota Tacoma 4×4. It’s my second favorite car I’ve owned and may soon become number one. Although that Maxima is going to be tough to beat. The truck is like new. It’s amazing for how old it is. There’s nothing like getting in your truck, turning on some country music and going for a cruise. Here she is folks.


Ashley’s new car!

I am one lucky guy because I have a great wife!  I’ve never bought my wife anything too crazy but I wanted to let her know how much I love her, and our corolla is about 9 years old now so I thought I’d get her something a little more mommy friendly.  I listed the Corolla on KSL and sold it in about 3 days.  Every car I’ve ever owned I’ve sold on KSL and done it so fast!  I should probably take it down now… now that I think about it.  Anyway, We needed a larger vehicle with Reagan and our trip to Casper, WY confirmed that the corolla is way to small for a long drive with a kid. That was an experience!  I took her over to Willey Honda, which, by the way, was an amazing experience.  Little plug for the guys at Willey.  They sell a car right.  Blown away by their service.  It helps a little to know the owner but what an experience.  Anyway, we picked Ashley out a new Honda Accord.   Now this is the first new car I’ve ever purchased so it was a pretty cool thing for me.  Nothing like driving a new car off a lot with 23 miles on the Odometer.  Well… actually I still wouldn’t know about that because Ashley drove it home.  I still drive the trusty ’98 CR-V.  We’re officially a Honda family now.  I don’t get a chance to get Ashley new things that often so I was so excited to see her so happy.  She deserves it!  Love you babe.

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Summer coming to a close.

Well, a lot of things have happened since the last time I posted.  Ok, not that much but it’s been a while.  Summer is nearing then end and Ashley will soon go back to work.  Hopefully she will only have to go back for a little while.  I’ve been putting in long hours to try and allow her to do what she wants to do.  I know it will pay off soon.  Work has been busy, slow, fast and crazy all at the same time.  I love it though.  We have some amazing projects going and some really cool things in the works.  We just launched a new product called Wavier App and I’m still selling Podium, a contest app for Facebook.  A really neat project we just completed is the website for People Water.  Check it out to see our work.  We also just launched a new identity and website to host our products and work.  So check out Brightface Apps.  I’m proud to be part of such a talented group of people.

In other news, Reagan is crawling like crazy!  She’s my little speed demon.  She’s always on the move and wanting to explore the house.  For whatever reason she loves to go into the bathroom.  I think she loves bathing so much that she always wants to go in there.  She has the funnest time in the tub.  It’s so funny!  She’s also climbing up and standing while holding onto things.  That’s her new favorite thing to do.  Well, I’m spent.  Oh.. I think we’re getting a new vehicle.  Pics to come. The Corolla is a bit too small now with Reagan.  In the meantime, check out this video of my bike ride with the gang.  It was a blast riding with these guys.  It was to Ashley but I thought I’d toss it up.    

Looong Night

Well, it’s now 4:07am so I figured why not blog for a minute. Reagan is sick. She threw up at 3:00 after coughing and running a small fever. I’m thinking it’s this whooping cough. Which freaks me out we’re taking her to the doc tomorrow…today. At least she’s in good spirits most of the time. She laughed and talked and laughed for a good 20 minutes after, I’m glad someone thought it was funny to throw up all over my bed in the middle of the night.

After we got the mess cleaned up I’m wide awake so here we are. Doing laundry now. Good times. Poor kid. I hate the part about being a parent when you worry yourself wide awake for your kids, and wish they would feel better. It’s hard to see the little one sick and I can’t do a ton about it. I’m a guy, therefor I have to fix everything, right? Yeah so this sucks. On a brighter note, we’re staying at a Holiday Inn Express in August… In Capser WY… Yaaaay! But really. We are. You can feel my excitement can’t you. Off to switch laundry. Wow… 4:20am, time fly’s.


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